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Michael A. Chylinski aka jomodad

Born 08/13/1959
Lives and works in Anaheim and Fullerton California

Michael Chylinski is a emerging artist who works in a variety mediums, using bold colors, materials, textures and symbolism in a graphic and illustrative style. Although a life long interest in art starting with entering an art contest in grade school with a painting of the Mission San Luis Rey. As soon as computers came out he was hooked on scanners, photoshop, illustrator and desktop publishing. While dating a vegetarian he realized that when they went traveling they didn't know where to eat, and at times it made life very complicated, that's when he decided that there was a need for a list of local vegetarian restaurants. It was a bleeding disorder (vonWillebrands Disease) that caused him to have multiple surgeries starting with a knee surgery in 1996, that's when he first decided art was a great way to spend time recovering. That's when the Adventures of Wheeler and the Alienated Soul were created. Later bilateral ankle fusions is when he decided making mosaic chess tables might be fun and it just grew from there. Then out of know where in 2012 a brain tumor, 13 hours of surgery and a very big scar (62 staples) gave him the idea to make a new British Driving cap and that's when making hats and caps became the new obsession. He started sewing them by hand, and eventually took a sewing class at Jo-Ann's Fabrics and Crafts, that led to more sewing classes, and books, leaning to make patterns and modify patterns, and eventually learning fiber art techniques online at A need to get out out the house and be around people led to taking ceramics, welding, and sewing classes at the local college. Michael's art contains symbols of protection like the hand of god or the number 3 that can stand for the "3 little words" (I Love You), "I'm Third" (God first, others second, I'm third), or Body - Mind - Spirit. Skulls are also very prevalent they have a crack in the head on the left side where the tumor was located. Banks are another reoccurring theme because people on disability income are always worried about money. They hats and caps were to cover the scar and the painful bald spot in the beginning, now he makes them just because you can never have too many hats. Because he could see that people with bleeding disorders sometimes end up in wheelchairs or physically disabled in other ways he started the Adventures of Wheeler Cartoon as a way to cope., trying to find good ways to cope with limitations.

College Classes:

Cal Sate Fullerton
1982 Beginning Ceramics

Fullerton College
1987 Fundamentals of Cartooning
1987 Desktop Publishing for MAC
2014 Drawing for Non-Art Majors
2014-16 Ceramics Hand Building


2015 Student Art Exhibit Fullerton College
2016 Student Art Exhibit Fullerton College
05/13/17 City of Anaheim California - Art Crawl Experience (A.C.E.)

Online Article:

April 2009 "CHAOS Mosaics" Pro Music News
by: Paul Spindle

Private Instruction:

Lee Duncan
2013 Hat Blocking Panama Straw and Fur Felt (2 Day)

Jane Smith
2015 Hat Block Carving (3 Day)
2015 Make a Top Hat (3 Day)

Online Instruction: Fiber Art Classes
Stupendous Stitching - Carol Ann Waugh
Stitch and Slash - Carol Ann Waugh
my projects


Mad Hatters Society Facebook Group

Honorable Mention - Evil Eye Top Hat
2015 Mad Hatters Contest (first contest entered)

3rd place - Heart British Flag Cap
2015 Hat Making Contest

2015 Fullerton College Student Art Show
Honorable Mention - Ceramics - Butterfly and Dragonfly Planter


  • 3D Animation for a Cable TV Food Show
  • Misc gif Animations, Mock Countertop Display for Greenwood and Hall
  • Misc Freelance Tee Shirt and Swag Art and Color Seps for More Duds Ink and Retro Screenworks and Private Clients, including my Zazzle Store
  • Self-Published, Graphic Arts, Press Releases for Vegetarian Travel Guide - Orange County
  • Published Training Manual Forms and Marketing Materials for AMS American Mortgage Services, Assisted with Seminars
  • Cartooning, Adventures of Wheeler Comic Book and Tee Shirts
  • Self-Published 3 - 25 page Coloring Books
  • Design and Publish Song Books and Devotional Packs for YMCA Summer Camp
  • T Shirt Design and Silk Screen Printing*/
  • Various Logos and printed forms and web design misc small companies and startups
  • Video: Cameraman, editing. slideshow presentations, including photo editing and graphics
  • YMCA Campfire CD: recording, editing, performing and graphics for packaging
  • "Art Dad" Teacher for kids grade school classes, Cub Scouts Daisies and Brownies Troop

Private Collections:

Anaheim CA, Tustin CA, Fullerton CA, San Diego CA, Cirencester Gloucestershire UK

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