Wednesday, August 23, 2023

WOCA Art Show @ Radiant Beer Co

WOCA Sept '23
09/09/2023 @ 6pm

NEW Location!
Radiant Beer Co

We are all pretty excited about the new location. I have been working on some new art based on Guitars, Catalina Island and Cars! Plus I will have the Backyard Pets including caterpillars, butterflies, birds, bees and occasional lizard. 

Backyard Pets is all about Appreciation: After surviving so many surgeries, including a 14 hour Craniotomy, I learned I needed to work on my Appreciation. We run around focused on commercial things many people pay lots of money just to trap a bird in a cage, others find ways to enjoy the birds living in the wild, sometimes the birds will come in the house and let the people hold them, yet they live wild a free. So I started planting and putting up bird feeders to attract the wild birds and bees, I learned Macro and Closeup Photography.

Butterflies and Dragonflies are about Transformation or Change: Many people thing having surgery is like getting your car fixed. Part breaks or dent happens you fix it, usually there's not too much pain and suffering once its been fixed. The body requires RECOVERY, and Surgery has SIDE EFFECTS, SCARS, EDEMA, NEUROPATHY, AMPUTATION... Things can require a lifetime of Emotional Acceptance, learning new skills, new meds to manage side effects and so on. The caterpillar dies and becomes a Butterfly, the Dragonfly a tiny tadpole-like prolarva emerges from the egg and later becomes the dragonfly. The way they fly seems impossible like the hummingbird.  "Dragonflies hunt other flying insects, so agility is key. To aid in this, dragonflies can move and rotate each of their four wings independently. Thanks to this unique ability, these insects can fly backwards, up and down. They can turn on a dime and can hover, all contributing to their great flying abilities.

Change and Transformation doesn't have to be a BAD thing, it only needs to be something to Accept!

More Birds and Bugs

Cars are only about the love for Cars: I have been attending local Car Shows to capture images. I like the drivers much more than the over done trailer queens, or over built motors.

Catalina Island, Avalon California is a place we have enjoyed since my Mom was a Baby. Moms side of the family are Sephardic and came from a small island in the Mediterranean called Rhodes. It contained the the 8th Wonder of the Ancient World, The Colossus of Rhodes. After they came to America they learned about Catalina and they have made  it their summer place to vacation. Can't wait to visit Rhodes.

I prefer to print and frame according to your needs and preferences. These images can be printed on Metal, Glass, Paper, Tee Shirts and more. Frames can go from $4 plastic from to an $800 or more for a wooden frame and V glass and custom mat. Please feel free to ask if I can customize one of your favorite images.