Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Year, New Skills

So Much going on

I love this Stitch and Slash method that I learned art, I get lots of compliments and the instructor told me I have taken what I learned and added my own style to it.

I am taking Ceramics classes at the college and I have been getting similar comments and compliments over there. I have been making things that I add mosaic too, for now they all have the ability to store a hat or a plant safely.

I am also spending some time cleaning up my internet places and organizing photos so they are much easier to find, in the hopes it will help me with self promotion. I will need to add all the new things I made and make room for all my new skills.

I hope you all have a Happy Holiday Season and and Happy New Year. I wish I could say that mine will be doctor and tumor free but we need to make sure the thing isn's growing and that will require MRI's and Cat Scans for a while.

Thank you to all of you for your love support and kind comments on all my crazy projects.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sew Your Style Contest

Please Vote

I am entering a contest on Jo-Ann's Fabrics and Crafts Facebook Page.

Click Here and Please GO VOTE FOR ME!

Sorry guys I didn't win. I did get an honorable mention in a Hat Contest
and one of my hats accepted for an Online Millinery Magazine 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mad Hatter Contest

Count me in

Photos from Home

I have started to enter contests, usually I am against them in a small way because I never win. I have decided to get myself out there and take more risks and being a loser just might be on the oath to being a winner. The hats a made with a reverse applique method, and creative stitching I learnt at in their Stitch and Slash and Creative Stitching classes (watch for sales).

Photos in the Park

Half of the fun was the photo shoots. I recently learned how to shoot on manual settings, you can get better color and sharpness without a flash. I met a new friend, she is studying Art at Fullerton College, and she has a good eye. We went to a local park and I set up the camera manually and let her shoot.

I have gotten lots of great compliments from some great hatters and milliners. I wear the driving cap out on the streets and get lots of compliments from people walking and driving by. It feels good.

Newly Inspired

I am wired fired and inspired and have found two other contests to submit works to.
I found them here: ocartguide
I will enter: sebarts Beasties and acga Ceramics and Glass
Wish me luck.

The Top Hat won an Honorable Mention. There were 4 Prize Winners and 4 Honorable Mentions out of 26 entrants. Not bad for my first Hat Contest?!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Body, Mind and Spirit

Not enough of mine to go around!

Straw and Cotton Sun Hat to Fedora

I don't have a ton of time, but it has been too long, and I am just so proud and happy with my hat making skills. I really appreciate my new friend and teacher Lee at If you want to learn Millinery or Hattery sign up for one of her classes. It is worth it. It is a lot of information for one day, so take it in two days like she suggests.

I like up-cycling and repurposing for the most part. So here are some of my latest finds and the end result.
I took this very large very plane sun hat I got at a Thrift Store for maybe $7 and turned it in to this fedora with a custom hat band that, I am sure, anyone would pay, at least, for than $50 for in a store, and the best part if that it fits me perfect.

Canvas Golf Hat to Fedora

White had looked like brown hat when I started. Here it is stretched on to my home made hat block

I also recently completed this hat on the right. My daughter knitted the awesome hat band for me. It was a white canvas woman's golf hat. It was given to me by a friend because it was dirty and beat up. I washed it, painted it and then blocked it in to an open crown hat in my size. I hand bashed the shape in the top, cut then shaped the brim, added a wire and grosgrain ribbon, put a new terry stretch headband inside and viola I have another one of a kind hat! The biggest issue for me with hats is the size. I have a very big head and there is nothing worse than a poorly fitted hat.

I have the idea to make my blocks a little shorter to see how the crown bashes with the shorter crown. I can always make them taller by adding some wood to the bottom when it's time to block the hat. I have a few more hats to block so I will keep you posted.

Go out and find something to keep you busy. I keep telling my friends that they spend too much time in their heads, swirling about things that happened yesterday, or things that may happen tomorrow, what he said, or what she said. Some drink to forget, or for inspiration or to hide. Fine hide, forget, what ever, but if you got nothing to show for it when your done you are wasting your damn time. Depression is something you feel. FEEL it! Express it!  If you give in to it, you just sit around feeling sorry for yourself, then you are wasting valuable time! Find something to keep your Body, Mind and Spirit busy!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Benefit for Brenda Golf Tournament

FEB 2, 2014

Go to the Benefit for Brenda Website or Facebook Page to learn more. It's a good cause!


New Year? Heck NO! New Life!

Now that the tumor is, mostly, gone and I am in my second year of recovery. The hell with New Year! I feel like I am starting a New Life. It's not like I didn't have activities before, it was just hard not to do things not feeling well, plus to location of the tumor had effect on mood and vision, and the headaches; Ugh. All that's seems to be gone; I have another MRI in a few months. Anway... blog

I worked in my garden today. I like to replant or propagate plants anytime I can; it's a great way to make the garden bigger it cures the over grown plant look and they can make great gifts. Today I broke up a overgrown Spider plant It started as 5 or 6 little puppies i took off of the mother plant. Then when that becomes overgrown in the pot I separate them into new pots with some new soil.

I use an old dry wall saw to cut thru the soil and the roots

I don't remember the name of this plant, but I do know that the new plant just grows off to the side of the mother plant. When it does it grows a beautiful pink flower out of the center. So if the person you give it to keeps it alive long enough they will get a great surprise when the new plant flowers.

With an Aloe Vera Plant; You can remove the babies and plant them; then trim the bottom leaves off of the mother plant and replant mom into some fresh soil. I also worked with some succulents; they are super easy just trim your overgrown plant and put the clippings in some fresh soil!

OK; so go out and get your hands dirty! I will try to work on the Blog more often in 2014 as part of my New Life!

I have a new Serger so I will share about that. Some new things that I am making; lots of free patterns on my Jomodad Pinterest page and some new sewing sites I found, like Craftsy - Online Classes and more.

I little preview of some of the Serger fun

OK... Bye see ya

Wow Almost forgot Pearl Harbor Day!