Wednesday, August 30, 2017

sept 2017 events

Walk or Crawl or Gallery
the choice is yours

Come See my Work

ALL of September!
check website for hours
Downtown Fullerton Art Walk 
Vino Nostra Wine Bar


Sept 9th from 6-10 pm
WOCA Gallery Anaheim CA


Go see my hats!
at the coolest hat shop
in Southern California

Atelier Mela
109 East Commonwealth, Fullerton CA
just a few doors down from Vino Nostra
{ }

I hope to see you there

Sunday, July 30, 2017

lights camera action

New Light Boxes!Just in Time For Fullerton Art Walk 


Come see me at
 Downtown Fullerton Art Walk 
Sept 1st @ Vino Nostra

Vino Nostra 123 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
My Art will be on display all month, come and see the new light boxes and and enjoy the wine bar.

The are vinyl print on acrylic framed in a shadow box with LEDs. It would be great to have them on a timer, they'd make an awesome night light.

Electric Bike Service and Sales

My buddy and half the team that built my awesome electric bike, has opened his own shop. He builds, repairs and customizes bikes and other light electric vehicles, he has a small inventory of used and custom eBikes and some parts ready to become custom eBikes. Hit him up, he might even make arrangements to teach. Here's a link to his YouTube Channel Christopher Viers

He's currently working on a Festival eBike, it will have blenders, a fridge and umbrella. 
He's good with a hammer too, if you need a handyman ;0)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

lookie lookie

Light Me Up!
Getting Ready for Fullerton Art Walk in August

I got these printed on Vinyl and mounted to Acrylic and then I framed them in these Shadow Box Frames. Trevor at One Day Signs in Anaheim did a great job. The evil plan is to light them up with LED's. They have a strung set that runs for 4 hours, since you don't want them running all day, or maybe a timer. LED's burn very little electricity and last a long long time.


I also had some more Glicee Prints made and they came out beautiful! Thanks again to Trevor at One Day Signs.

I want to try printing direct to Acrylic and print Direct to Glass. There are other things too, like wood, tile, stone. Eventually I will need to update my Zazzle Store with some of these new images I have been creating.

eBike News: 

UPGRADE: Parts have started to arrive. The controller arrived and will go in soon. The risers are wrong so I need to send those back. I just ordered some chrome 2" extensions, they are harder to find than you think, ordering them is hard without experience, oh well. I am not making an Rolling Easter Egg, I just want it to ride comfortably. Hopefully the extensions will do that. The new handle bars are perfect. The basket for the dog to ride in seems to be good too. I am also researching suspension seat posts or maybe a bent post. The ride geometry is off, so adjusting the bars and seat is the way to make it the most comfortable.

RETROFIT: The seat post arrived, Mike DiCicco is helping me fix the new seat post, it's something custom made for a vintage bike, because the parts aren't available. We had to modify something that was just a little off size. Nice to have friends with skills. Thanks Mike. I think I found the parts needed for the Disc Brakes and I have a few ideas for making or repurposing something for the battery box. I will get some springer forks. The controller will come off of the bike I am upgrading.


I took the train to see my daughter graduate and that went awesome. So I have decided to take the train to Downtown LA once a month to see my Doctors at the Hemophilia Treatment Center. The first time took a few phone calls and research on the web because you need MetroLink and MetroRail to get there and that can be confusing. I wrote it all on paper and people are friendly if you feel lost, ask anyone. The last trip I tried using a app and it showed me all the times for all the transfers, so that was awesome. Except I got spun around a got nervous and lost some time getting on and off a few times feeling like I was going the wrong direction. But I got there and home on time and rested. I will continue to travel there by train. I need to get them to have better access to the hospital from the train platform. It stops right at what was the front entrance, but now it's the back entrance. Fist time the gate was open and I went right up. This time the gates were locked and I had to walk all the way around. No fun with a cane and a limp ;0)

I have plans to take the train to San Jose to visit some friends. She was my baby sitter when I was like 8 yrs old and I haven't seen her since. She popped by with her husband to say hi to mom and I was there so bingo bango bongo, instant vacation. Her husband is an old surfer and bicycle guy and likes the blues, so that should be all good.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

digits to paper

Glicee or not to Glicee
That is the question

I am getting ready for the August Downtown Fullerton Art Walk. I will be on display at Vino Nostra Winebar on Commonweath and Harbor Blvd, stay tuned for details. I decided it's time to try out Glicee Prints I have sent the files to my old neighbor and YMCA buddy at One Day Signs in Anaheim, they can print on paper or canvas not to mention all the other services they offer. 

Here are two of the images being printed. One is a Pet Portrait and the other is a photo of my friends Tiki and Surfboard. Let me make prints for you. I can use your images or I can snap my own. 


Fiber Art:
I also realized I don't have any fiber art pieces to show off so I got started on one yesterday. I had to rearrange the room because I wanted to use my New Vintage PFAF 130 Industrial Sewing Machine, but I need some time to figure it out. I had my sewing machine man give it the once over, I painted the lamp and sealed the wooden top of the table. For now I will use my Bernina 730 Record. 

So much to do:
OK, that's all for now, I need to ride my Electric Bike to the Post Office and get to sewing. I am obsessed with upgrading my old Schwinn Beach Cruiser to Electric. I have been shopping for kits online it is nuts how much stuff is coming out.  If you have a kid that's not sure what to do with their future the job market in that industry is growing fast. Here's a great resource for info on Jobs, eBikes and Training, I have taken classes with the Light Electric Vehicle Association and I was impressed. As for you, get off your ass and do something!

Thanks all for now: cya -jomodad

Thursday, June 8, 2017

woca loca

What's a WOCA?
The Warehouse of Contemporary Art (WOCA) Show


Come see my Art!

This is just some of what I will be showing my art along with other local artist on

Saturday,  Sept 9th, 2017 

6:00-10:00 pm

One Night Only!

WOCA has provided artists a space to display their art at no charge since 2003. WOCA is built on self-expression, talent, experimentation, communication and trust. Please support the WOCA Community. Discover WOCA for yourself. WOCA is unfiltered art. WOCA is art directly from the artist to the public.  WOCA does not censor art. There is no other gallery space like WOCA.
Original Art * Live Music * Make New Friends * Support non-corporate art Organically born out of chaos, every WOCA show is completely different from the last. Explore the New. Over 30 talented visual artists: Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Street/Graffiti, Collage, Illustration/Drawing and Video.

Special photographic exhibit by SNAP9!

Live music by:  Jack Pruett, Justin Scheid, Cabana Sur and The Red Leslie’s
with Live Projections by VJ Brian Aquino.

The walls will be full of art. The air will be full of music. Don’t miss this show!

Admission is free and all ages welcome.

WOCA is located at 1566 W. Embassy St. Anaheim, Ca. 92802
(off the 5 Freeway at Lincoln and Loara east of Euclid).

Promote WOCA!
Become a friend on Facebook @Woca Art Twitter: wocagallery
YouTube channel: WOCA TV Instagram:  _WOCA_

The whole month of SEPTEMBER 2017!

My Art will be on display 
as part of the Fullerton Art Walk

Give me a call to set up a time if you want me to meet you there

Attention LA Friends!

I will have 3-5 (family-friendly) art pieces into a show a new friend is putting together. It's going to be a small show so I understand if you can't make it. Might be a great place for younger kids.
I am thinking of a way to do live editing there at the show. But need
would AppleTV and TV or my iMac, or at least an iPad.

Bubble Wrapped
Friday, September 22nd.
Rose Hills Recreational Center in Los Angeles
4530 Mercury Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Sunday, April 9, 2017

crawl don't run

Art Crawl Experience for the Totally Inexperienced

Print this out and color it, copy it, pass it around, and pin one to your chest.

NEWBIES learn to Crawl:

My FIRST Art Craw Experience (A.C.E.) is coming up fast! I have been working hard trying to get ready for May 13th. You learn fast how much is involved. I would say the fixtures needed for the booth are the most expensive part, if you don't just throw up a folding table and a EZ-UP. From what I have ready having it look like a Brand and decorating your booth in your style is the best way to go.

I have  been working hard refinishing some of my furniture so it has a funky eclectic look instead of a sterile generic look. I added the fiber board top to this crafting table and sanded it smooth and added 4-5 coats of oil based poly urethane.

ADULTS Color too:

Since Adult Coloring Books are so popular now, I thought it might be a great idea to Self Publish a few. This way I have some less expensive items and a book that shows what kind of illustrations I like to do. I had enough drawings to make 3 Coloring Books. I also decided to scan in the comic strip I illustrated back in the 1980's. The books are printed on ecoPaper, non-tree and sustainable, banana and sugarcane paper. They have some great Hemp Drawing Paper too. I had the printing done at the local Kinko's and they did a great job!

Get Back to work!

I still have lots to do. Plus I am still adding stuff to the New Etsy Shop as fast as I can. I think I need to learn how to make my own boxes. If nothing else I need to set up a shipping and receiving area to make that process much easier. I found the they have a location in Orange. It makes it easy to find those odd shaped boxes that you only need one of. I don't know why people bother actually, the amount of effort and cash investment that goes in to this is pretty daunting, but you never know if lightning will strike if you hide inside the house. So, get out of the house and come and see me at the Art Crawl Experience (A.C.E.) May 13th.

cya -jomodad

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

learning to crawl

Learning what it takes to get ready for the Art Crawl Experience

I have been working on my booth and posting Vintage Women's Hats in JomodadEclectic ETSY Shop getting ready for my first Art Craw Experience in Anaheim on May13th.  I have ordered my EcoPaper for my Coloring and Comic Books and I have been painting and refinishing the funiture I plan to use in my booth.

I haven't decided how big to make the coloring books 25, 35, 75 pages, but they will be available in my ETSY Store as soon as they are self-published.

That's all for now. I hope to see you at the Art Crawl Experience Anaheim. -Jomodad