Wednesday, January 25, 2017

it's curtians for me

Hang 'em High

Well it's another exciting day. The carpet removal and the repair of the wood floors is underway. I got all my metal prints today, I used a deal and the prints are great, but really read the fine print, only send the metal print no hanger and no support frame, and the hanger they sell is a little weak in my opinion. BUT the prints are beautiful and still a great price.

Aleph and Eternal Light Fiber Art

I also finished the Fiber Art I made for my nieces Bat Mitzvah. I went to get an estimate on a custome frame and with 80% off it was $150 for plain black frame and mat no glass. I went in to the premade frames and got a mat and did it myself for about $30. These take hours to make and they will have to sell for around $200 depending on time and materials.

You Can't Fight City Hall, Join 'em

I got my DBA (ad is running now), my Seller's Permit and Business License. It's not that hard to do yourself, be careful not to fall for the paid services that pop up when you do a search. They look official but cost more because they do all the footwork for you. So if you have more time than money DIY! BOE Sellers Permit (no fee): DBA or Fictitious Name Statement ($23) there is an office on Harbor and Wilshire in Fullerton or on Civic Center in Santa Ana. Then you publish the DBA in the cheapest publication you can find. They will give you a list. Last you go to City Hall ($72): City of Anaheim Business Tax Input From ($72) if it's a home based business be sure to complete that form too. and now you can open a bank account with your Business Name.

It's Curtains for This Posting

Well, really the curtain is for the bathroom (fabric from: I have been decorating my space since I moved in here. The cold weather pushed me to make curtains a priority. This is the first set I made. Not bad. I am going to make more in the coming months and I am having a chair upholstered by my friends, you know, Those Guys
Those Guys Upholstery in Oceanside CA
facebook: ,
Say hello to Pete and Nancy and tell them Jomodad sent you!

That's all for today. I need to unpack my Metal Prints and figure out how to frame them. 
bye see ya -jomodad

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

in progress

One Step Beyond!

The prints are arriving and things are getting framed in preparation for a new website with an official online store. I just need to keep taking the steps, fighting the insecurities that tell me it won't pay off.

MultiMedia Art

Impressionistic Flower:  8x10 Photo $40 +shipping
8x10 Photo Quality Computer Print
Composit of Downton LA's Bendix Building
Tran and Blimp added. $40 +shipping

Sewist and Hatter

White Denim Newsboy Size Large
Peacock ribbon accent $75 +shipping
Pillowcase Dresses $20 +shipping

There will be some ceramic items and great collectibles and Thrift Store finds too. I could use some help ;0)

Monday, January 16, 2017

metal prints

Metal Prints Rock!

16x20 print on metal $125.00 plus shipping
16x20 print on metal $125.00 plus shipping

I found a great deal on Groupon for metal prints. This company prints on lots of great stuff. If you see any of my art you like contact me and I will get you a print on anything you want.

check out my art here: MultiMedia Art
I can also print on any items at Zazzle: JomoDad Zazzle

Sunday, October 23, 2016

electric bike

Get on Your eBike and Ride!


Electric bicycles and Light Electric Vehicles in general, are making a big come back. The state of California is supporting them  and hope that they will replace cars for short trips, they have already started building protected bike lanes and other states are using what they call green lanes where bikes share lanes with cars but the bike has the right away. Here in CA the law is 3 feet but most drivers don't know. 

Here are some links to get you started:

Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA)

New eBike Law Passes in California )
( )

Protected Bike Lanes: )

There's so many new companies coming out with new electric vehicles and eBikes that it is hard to keep up. You need to learn about battery management systems, and battery configurations and types before you buy. Batteries can be the most expensive part. They come in different sizes and types depending on the type of riding and the distance you want to travel. The legal speed limit is 20 mph, any faster and you need to pay a one time registration fee. It's too much technical info to cover here right now. The eBikes are setup so you can use peddle power, peddle assist power, and full throttle. It depends on configuration of the motor and the battery how long the battery will run and how fast the top speed is.

You can learn more about the technical at Khan Academy . You can become a Bike Repair Tech by taking classes with the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA)  I recently took the Level 1-4 courses with LEVA and I had a great time! They have all the resources and tools and the repair manual. The class I attended was in the Local News!

You can take the Level One class online and take the exam and get a certificate. Probably a good idea for anyone interested in buying an eBike or any new owners wanting to understand more about their investment and any safety or maintenance issues. In my class we had the owner of The Bike Shop in Bel Air MD, wanting to learn because they have been getting so many electric bikes in for repairs or accessories, so much so that they decided they better start selling them. We also had a new employee of Green Light Innovations and he brought the new Amp Errand eBike, and we had Mom that is taking Electrical Engineering classes, at the college, with her son. I have to admit that I was very impressed with the college and their commitment to NEW technologies.

  Danville VA Community College for Advanced Technology and Training.

This is the Lab our classes were taught in. Impressive

Other Links
The Bike Shop in Bel Air MD
Green Light Innovations

Local News Virginia: 

Links to Additional Learning

LEVA Tech Training )

Khan Academy )

Endless Sphere E-Bike Forum 
at ( ) to get more experience.

Some great articles about eBikes

Pedego Electric Bikes make riding more fun. )

LA Times: )

Entrepreneur with Asperger's peddling affordable electric bike

Saturday, February 6, 2016

hatter contest

2016 Origninal Star Trek Hats

I draft all the patterns myself. I learned to make hats from a variety of books like From the Neck Up, youtube. I have also had personal instruction from Jane Smith, and Lee Duncan. If you are in to hats and caps I recommend Mad Hatters Society and the Cap Department groups on Facebook. Most of my postings are public so check me out too Michael A. Chylinski aka jomodad. You can find free patterns and tutorials all over the web is one of my favorites heres a link to my projects Jomodad Craftsy Projects. I purchase most of my supplies at Jo-Ann's keep an eye on their website for great coupons. They have a sale on patterns for $1 and they have some ok hat patterns there. Ok, Have fun and be original.

sephardic cooking

This is not a recipe as much as it is a method of cooking. You can change the ingredients to things you like. I love to just use green beans and leftover meat, but you can make substations as you like.

Saute the onions in olive oil and some garlic and seasonings to taste. if meat it raw brown, if leftovers just toss in after adding water. Once the meat is browned add the vegetables and beans of choice. I like Lima, white, black-eye peas, or green beans or any combination of those. I sometime add carrots, potatoes, squash or cauliflower. Squash I try to add towards the end but its ok to add it early. Bring it to a boil and then trun down to a simmer and let simmer of at least 1 hour more is fine.

I am sure it can also be done in a cork pot not sure what changes it might need, but we have let it cook all day on the stove with no problems.

I like big chunks so it's more like a meal than a soup, but you can eat it like soup or over rice. We have made it with meat balls and then the next day and heated up some marinara and put the meatballs in that for a second meal or I have made eggs the following morning and heated the broth with some of the beans and onions and put that on some fried eggs and refried beans and a tortilla to make Hueveos Rancheros.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

fried matzah

Oui! Oui! Better than French toast!

This is one of my favorite Passover treats and I do my best to make it just like my Noni (grandmother) did, but the other day I got a compliment that can not be topped. My mom told me I make it better than Noni did. Not sure how there's not a lot to making them, but to my surprise some of my Jewish friends didn't know what the were yet how to make them. Plus I need to make sure my little bro knows, that if wants some, he knows where to get 'em, or better yet, he can make them on his own.

First thing you do is heat a little water and put it in a bowl, if your faucet takes a while to give you hot water, save water by heating some on the stove or get it from your coffeemaker. I like my pieces a little bigger, you can get an idea from the photo. Some make it like scrambled eggs almost, a little bigger than cornflakes say. You just want it soft enough so there is a little crunch left in them, they will soften up more in the egg mixture. 2 Matzah and 2 eggs make plenty for one maybe two people if you serve it with apple sauce or eggs or any side dishes. Take it from the water and place in on a paper plate.

Put the eggs in the bowl and beat them, you can add a little almond milk (flavored if you like), or add bit of vanilla. 

From there it goes in to a hot frying pan, with a thin layer of oil, as picture above. Tip: when you place it in the hot oil you try to make it a ball or a pile and flatten it out a bit after, it will spread our on you. Fry on a medium heat until golden brown. Tip: I cut mine in half when I think they are done just to be sure there is no raw egg. You want it to look like a custard in the center.

I take them out of the pan and put them back on the plate they were resting on while wet, with the addition of a paper towel or two to soak up a bit of the oil. From there you serve as much as you can eat, sprinkle some powdered sugar, or cinnamon sugar, butter (if it's a cheat day) and maple or even agave syrup, apple sauce, what ever. Some go the savory route and do the onions and that sort of thing. Find someone else to teach you that. I like my fried Matzah like I like my friends... sweet!

There are probably some great sources to get matzah year round. There are defiantly specialty Matzah places as well. If you in a pinch and gotta have it try some unsalted flat bread crackers, i think it just might work.

I really need to learn to make the little meat pies and the cookies that Aunt Sarah used to make. I have someone that says she will hook me up. Ok, so, give these a try and let me know what you think. -jomodad