Sunday, April 9, 2017

crawl don't run

Art Crawl Experience for the Totally Inexperienced

Print this out and color it, copy it, pass it around, and pin one to your chest.

NEWBIES learn to Crawl:

My FIRST Art Craw Experience (A.C.E.) is coming up fast! I have been working hard trying to get ready for May 13th. You learn fast how much is involved. I would say the fixtures needed for the booth are the most expensive part, if you don't just throw up a folding table and a EZ-UP. From what I have ready having it look like a Brand and decorating your booth in your style is the best way to go.

I have  been working hard refinishing some of my furniture so it has a funky eclectic look instead of a sterile generic look. I added the fiber board top to this crafting table and sanded it smooth and added 4-5 coats of oil based poly urethane.

ADULTS Color too:

Since Adult Coloring Books are so popular now, I thought it might be a great idea to Self Publish a few. This way I have some less expensive items and a book that shows what kind of illustrations I like to do. I had enough drawings to make 3 Coloring Books. I also decided to scan in the comic strip I illustrated back in the 1980's. The books are printed on ecoPaper, non-tree and sustainable, banana and sugarcane paper. They have some great Hemp Drawing Paper too. I had the printing done at the local Kinko's and they did a great job!

Get Back to work!

I still have lots to do. Plus I am still adding stuff to the New Etsy Shop as fast as I can. I think I need to learn how to make my own boxes. If nothing else I need to set up a shipping and receiving area to make that process much easier. I found the they have a location in Orange. It makes it easy to find those odd shaped boxes that you only need one of. I don't know why people bother actually, the amount of effort and cash investment that goes in to this is pretty daunting, but you never know if lightning will strike if you hide inside the house. So, get out of the house and come and see me at the Art Crawl Experience (A.C.E.) May 13th.

cya -jomodad

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

learning to crawl

Learning what it takes to get ready for the Art Crawl Experience

I have been working on my booth and posting Vintage Women's Hats in JomodadEclectic ETSY Shop getting ready for my first Art Craw Experience in Anaheim on May13th.  I have ordered my EcoPaper for my Coloring and Comic Books and I have been painting and refinishing the funiture I plan to use in my booth.

I haven't decided how big to make the coloring books 25, 35, 75 pages, but they will be available in my ETSY Store as soon as they are self-published.

That's all for now. I hope to see you at the Art Crawl Experience Anaheim. -Jomodad

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

walkabout summer

Take a Walk!

This is the summer of Jomodad Eclectic, lots of exciting things in the works. The most exciting is the ETSY Store GRAND OPENING. I finally have enough inventory to give it a shot. I also got contacted by an Event Coordinator at the Apple Flagship Store in Boston, they want me to come out and do a demonstration. That's the good news, the bad news is they don't pay travel, but I think the experience will be well worth the expense. Besides I've never been to Boston, and who knows how many more doors it could open. I have started the application process for the Art Crawl Experience in Anaheim take a look at their A.C.E. Facebook page for more info

 iPhone/ iPad Art:
I had some of my favorites printed on to metal and vinyl and I also have some hand painted works on paper and canvas

16x20" Framed Metal
8x8" Vinyl Mounted on Foam

11x14" Oil On Canvas:
"Love Acoustic Guitar"
Oil Based Sharpies

Ceramic Mask: 
Day of the Dead Mask / Hat Protector

* You can at a hook to hang your caps.
When people ask me I tell them... 

"That's what happened to the last guy that tried 
to steal one of my hats"

UpCycled Straw Porkpie with Fabric Brim:
Peacock Feather
Handmade Hatband
Wired Brim w/Decorative Stitching
Stretch Terry Cloth Sweatband (for comfort)

MultiMedia: Grandmas Sewing Drawer
Vintage scissors, thimble, bobbins, button, 
thread and seam ripper

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

it's curtians for me

Hang 'em High

Well it's another exciting day. The carpet removal and the repair of the wood floors is underway. I got all my metal prints today, I used a deal and the prints are great, but really read the fine print, only send the metal print no hanger and no support frame, and the hanger they sell is a little weak in my opinion. BUT the prints are beautiful and still a great price.

Aleph and Eternal Light Fiber Art

I also finished the Fiber Art I made for my nieces Bat Mitzvah. I went to get an estimate on a custome frame and with 80% off it was $150 for plain black frame and mat no glass. I went in to the premade frames and got a mat and did it myself for about $30. These take hours to make and they will have to sell for around $200 depending on time and materials.

You Can't Fight City Hall, Join 'em

I got my DBA (ad is running now), my Seller's Permit and Business License. It's not that hard to do yourself, be careful not to fall for the paid services that pop up when you do a search. They look official but cost more because they do all the footwork for you. So if you have more time than money DIY! BOE Sellers Permit (no fee): DBA or Fictitious Name Statement ($23) there is an office on Harbor and Wilshire in Fullerton or on Civic Center in Santa Ana. Then you publish the DBA in the cheapest publication you can find. They will give you a list. Last you go to City Hall ($72): City of Anaheim Business Tax Input From ($72) if it's a home based business be sure to complete that form too. and now you can open a bank account with your Business Name.

It's Curtains for This Posting

Well, really the curtain is for the bathroom (fabric from: I have been decorating my space since I moved in here. The cold weather pushed me to make curtains a priority. This is the first set I made. Not bad. I am going to make more in the coming months and I am having a chair upholstered by my friends, you know, Those Guys
Those Guys Upholstery in Oceanside CA
facebook: ,
Say hello to Pete and Nancy and tell them Jomodad sent you!

That's all for today. I need to unpack my Metal Prints and figure out how to frame them. 
bye see ya -jomodad

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

in progress

One Step Beyond!

The prints are arriving and things are getting framed in preparation for a new website with an official online store. I just need to keep taking the steps, fighting the insecurities that tell me it won't pay off.

MultiMedia Art

Impressionistic Flower:  8x10 Photo $40 +shipping
8x10 Photo Quality Computer Print
Composit of Downton LA's Bendix Building
Tran and Blimp added. $40 +shipping

Sewist and Hatter

White Denim Newsboy Size Large
Peacock ribbon accent $75 +shipping
Pillowcase Dresses $20 +shipping

There will be some ceramic items and great collectibles and Thrift Store finds too. I could use some help ;0)

Monday, January 16, 2017

metal prints

Metal Prints Rock!

16x20 print on metal $125.00 plus shipping
16x20 print on metal $125.00 plus shipping

I found a great deal on Groupon for metal prints. This company prints on lots of great stuff. If you see any of my art you like contact me and I will get you a print on anything you want.

check out my art here: MultiMedia Art
I can also print on any items at Zazzle: JomoDad Zazzle