Sunday, July 7, 2013


UGH! An onomatopoeia
(sometimes written as 

Ugh seems to be my favorite word these days!
I am very busy these days. Some good some bad. I took one Hat Blocking Class with Kay Durden in June and I am set to take a Hat Making Class with Lee Duncan in July. More surgery in Aug. Helping Mom around the house and etc. We're getting Jordan ready to drive and college. (He's going to study music at Fullerton College). We had a little Open House for him with his Role Playing Game Gang. On top of all that Leslie and I are putting are putting our condo on the market so... that's eating up any fun time for Mikey.

I am still playing with and learning about materials and different methods of making hats. I like the idea of reshaping and resizing old found hats. It has a re-use and recycle kind vibe to it. The drawbacks can be putting time and effort into something that is worn out or damaged. But! some hats are work or play time hats. So you tell me. Do old hats deserve a second chance at a new life? The above hat was made from the hat pictured below. Do you put your dog to sleep because it's dirty and beat up looking? People can tend to have a personal relationship to their hats. The big question for me now is: What do I do with all the Practice Hats? Who wants them? They are Large to X Large?

Anyhow: I guess I will do my best to keep up with all my YouTube and Pinterest and etc. To paraphrase Super Chicken: It's a dangerous job but somebodies gotta do it. I kinda new the job as dangerous when I took it.

OK. I go now.

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  1. Hat Bashing is cool!